The Roles of Women in Different Societies Essay

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Women have been suffering discrimination in societies for years. They are considered inferior to men. In two different societies women’s have different roles, in Buddhist societies women are thought o have evolved socially than in Brahmanic societies . Women lead very different lives in Brahmanic and Buddhist societies. Buddhism was created by Buddha(565–485 BCE). The Buddha wanted equality. Instead of trying to overcome the strict caste system , he created a second world where these social barriers no longer existed. Hinduism believes in the worships of gods and goddesses. The origin of Hinduism is unknown. There are multiple symbolism of women in Hinduism for instance women can symbolize the goddesses. the roles of epic heroines as …show more content…
This was the first time in history that religion believed women could be enlightened. Then Buddha agreed to let his step mother, Maha Pajapati to join with the condition that she had to agree the 8 Garudhammas(heavy rules Buddha added to the bhikkhuni rules). Maha Pajapati was responsible the bhikkhuni sangha(orders of the nun), which allowed women to participate in religious practices and rituals. Although, women were allowed to join the Buddhist orders, it was quite difficult for them to enter the orders in the early stages of Buddhism. Both men and women had to go through a thorough medical examination but only women had to have their sexual organs examined. There were only a few lower class members and most of the women that entered were well educated. Illiterates were prohibited from joining. Women also were discriminated in these societies as well. There were three general attitudes toward women in Buddhism. The first was that being reincarnated as a woman is negative karma from your past life. The second is that the Buddha was a male and that means being reincarnated as a male or sexual transformation for a women was necessary. The third attitude is that gender role has no effect on salvation and everyone can follow dharma.
Being a woman in societies where Buddhism spread was also an honor. Women were believed to be more involved in nature than men due to fertility. Being a mother is a wise and benevolent form

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