The Role of Ancient Gods Essays

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When we study ancient Greek and Roman literature, we realize that the world perception in those times, among people, was much different from what it is now. It is especially obvious when we begin to analyze the role of mythical and religious elements in ancient literature. According to the classical Christian theological theory, people’s need for believing in supernatural beings is caused by their fear of nature. This concept strikingly resembles the Marxist explanation - it also names fear as the main factor.
If one reads Homer’s “Iliad” and “Odyssey,” and Virgil’s “Aeneid”, he gets to realize that the ancient concept of people’s interaction with Gods is totally deprived of fear in any form. In all three masterpieces, Gods are basically
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One of the most important motives of “Iliad” is fatalism. Yet, poem’s mortal characters do not simply accept that they can’t really oppose to the will of Gods. They exploit the fact that there is no unity among Olympians to their own advantage.
In the end, the situation returns to a status quo, when both parties agree to sign a truce.
This happens after the death of Hector, who is being killed by Achilles, while wearing an armor suit made by Olympian God Hephaestus… Gods play an important role in “Iliad”. Along with Zeus and Apollo, there are lesser divine beings that actively participate in the plot, such as Thetis, Xanthus, Diomedes and Athena. Gods are just like men - they can suffer and feel sorry for their actions:
“We everlasting gods . . . Ah what chilling blows we suffer—thanks to our own conflicting wills— whenever we show these mortal men some kindness” ( The Iliad, Book 5, 36)
The poem “Odyssey” is much different from “Iliad”. The main character Odysseus has all the mental traits that we usually attribute to regular human being. Although, he is frequently in contact with Olympian Gods, we see him being more independent. His attitude changes, as he is being put through numerous trials and tribulations on his way home. “Odyssey” tell us a story of regular person, who will use his brain to succeed

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