The Rivalry between Germany and Britain Essay

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The Rivalry between Germany and Britain

The direct cause of the First World War, the spark that set it off in other words, was the assassination of the Austrian archduke Francis Ferdinand, who was heir to the throne of Austria-Hungary, and his wife by a Serbian student in Sarajevo in June 1914. A month later Austria declared war against Serbia. This local warfare brought Russia, Germany and France straight into fight, and in the end got other European Powers such as Britain, and even Japan and America involved thus became a world wide armed conflict. There are many arguments that have been made among historians about grounds of such war. So many theories have been found, and discussed for decades. Yet the controversy has not seen its
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In the nineteenth and beginning of the twentieth century, both industrial and democratic revolution dominated the power map of the world. Britain was the largest empire in the world at the time. Her advanced technology enabled her to have remained the premier of European Powers for a long time. Although, in the late nineteenth century Europe saw Germany's sustained economic growth backed by her own version of successful industrial revolution. "Germany", in Bismarck's words, was "saturated" with advantage in population, Geographical position, and army and industrial strength. Under Wilhelmine dynasty she took off into the slot of the leading continental nation. At this point Britain had seen Germany's sustained expansion as a threat, and there began international competition between Germany and Britain. By 1914 Germany had become Europe's industrial superpower. She had caught up with, and in some areas already exceeded, Britain's level in terms of production.

The most competitive aspect of this rivalry could be seen in their naval expansion. Britain always had been proud of her world-largest navy. The navy was made bigger and stronger than any other powers by far. This was because the British thought having effective sea power crucial to protect their empire and to maintain the sea routes between the different colonies.

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