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The Risk of Big Data Companies are now able to measure their performance on many levels. Processes that were never able to be measured before are being able to be analyzed and measured. For instance in retailing, companies have instant feedback from the consumer through increased technological capabilities like company websites, blogs and social media outlets. Never before has such information been delivered so quickly. Before these technological advances a customer would have to call and log

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If this faith is lost, it is very hard to build that trust back.
In order to maintain such databases, companies must hire the best IT companies available to protect their company and its customers. The problem now is that such maintenance of these huge databases is really in the infancy stages. Hiring the most skilled professionals to do the job right is extremely difficult and costly. A perfect example of this is the Government’s healthcare website rollout. It is a complete disaster. A company was hired to handle all of the database storage and security for all of this highly sensitive and private information. The website is still not even working properly and reports also show that the security is still very unreliable. Such huge databases must be handled with precise accuracy and capability. It is very hard to find such companies that handle this type of job. (Attiksson, 2013)
When huge databases of information are gathered the company that controls the information has a certain power. The article we are discussing states, “whoever gets to make decisions about what gets measured in the big-data era will accumulate even greater power.” (Jordan, 2013) We can obviously see how this can be true. Just take a look at Facebook and their increase of “power” in the last ten years that they have been gathering information. They have gained tremendous leverage in the social media world. Companies have recognized this and want the
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