The Right to Choose in Cider House Rules Essays

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The Cider House Rules takes place during World War II. The movie opens in a New England orphanage in the early 1940’s, where Dr. Larch takes a specific interest in a young boy named Homer Wells after is returned for the second time after his adoptive parents brought him back. His first adoptive parents thought he was to quiet and then his second foster family beat him. Larch realizes that a twice returned orphan had very little chance of being adopted again, Larch then begins to teach Wells the basics of the medical profession. Under Larch’s instruction Homer becomes are very capable doctor delivering babies and performing illegal abortions. Dr. larch usually only performs abortion to women who were either raped or who got pregnant …show more content…
Upon the question Wally says ‘Sure where you headed.” Wally says Fort Kent and Homer responds that sounds fine.
The other two primary characters are Mr. Rose and Rose Rose. Once Homer has arrived in Fort Kent he begins a job as a apple picker for Wally’s mother. Mr. Rose was the head apple picker and his daughter is Rose Rose. There was also several other pickers. Several months into his job picking apples, Wally gets deployed and has to leave the farm to go fight the war overseas. Now that Wally is not currently state bound Homer and Candy develop a sexual relationship. Around this same time another very terrible and freakish relationship starts between Mr. Rose and Rose Rose. In the movie Mr. Rose rapes his young daughter and impregnates her. Once Homer finds this out he is faced with a very hard decision to help Rose Rose by performing a abortion. Even though Homer thought that he had left his medical life behind him, he choose to perform one more abortion. Homer performed the abortion meticulously and all was alright with Rose Rose other than the terrible memory of what happened to her. Some time pasted until it happened again Mr. Rose attempted to rape his daughter again. This time his girl was ready and stabbed him in the stomach then took a bike a left. By the time Homer found Mr. Rose stabbed and dying it was too late for any attempt on saving him. Mr. Rose then told Homer that to tell the police that he stabbed himself because he was sad that

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