The revolt of Israel congregation against Aaron and Moises Essay

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The pericope that I choose for this reflection paper is Numbers 17:1-13. This pericope is the last in the series of three narratives about the revolt of Israel congregation against the high priest position of Aaron and the leadership of Moses. The first revolt came from Korah. Korah was a member of the tribe of Levi, the same tribe of Aaron (Exodus 6:16-20). Korah’s rebellion is not merely a personal attack on Aaron but also on his appointed-by-God priesthood. The second revolt led by Dathan and Abiram and the 250 other lay leaders defied and rejected the leadership of Moses. These revolted leaders have a very democratic argument, which is the will of the people must have higher authority than the leadership appointed by God. God answers …show more content…
Therefore, in that specific way of describing, it seems like when Moses brings out all the staves from the tent of Meeting, on the staff of Aaron there are not only the ripe almond fruit but also other evidents or remainings of all previous stages of the production cycle of an almond tree. The meaning of the text is the staff of Aaron looks more like a continuous-producing-fruit almond tree than a one-time-producing-fruit stick. All other staves are returned to the tribal leaders, but the living staff of Aaron is put back into the Ten of Meeting before the Testimony as a sign for the rebels to stop their grumbling against Moses lest they will die. This final test has a dramatic effect on the people, they reaches the stage of understanding or their teaching’s moment. The pericope ends with the question of the people: What shall we do? Are we all going to die?

This pericope has an important role in the text of the book of Numbers. It marks the end to the section that records many rebellious attempts of Israel against the structure of authority appointed by God. At the end of this pericope when the people acknowledges the authority of God chosen leaders and asks what are the appropriate behaviors and activities for them to response, then the text answers their questions by changing its content to the rules and regulations and also the benefits of the Levi tribe in chapter eighteen. In other word, the text says to the Israel people,

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