The Relationship Between Time and Stress Management Essay

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1 Introduction
The purpose of this assignment is to develop an understanding of the best ways to manage yourself taking into consideration a number of factors.
 Relationship between time and stress management
 Strength and weaknesses of time management and the impact it can have in the workplace.
 Causes and symptoms of stress
To carry this out successfully I used a number of methods of research and investigations. This involved identifying what support is given within Romec. Internal and external support, Occupational Health (AXA ICAS/EAP, General Practioner. I devise a questionnaire to obtain further information designed to identify what causes most stress within the workplace and how this can affect the team performance,
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27% confirmed time management often had an impact on their efficiency within the workplace. This could be down to a number of issues including prioritising workload and interruptions
2.2 My strengths and weaknesses in time management
I was asked to complete a time log over a period of 5 days. This helped me build up an accurate picture of what I was doing during the day, and additionally establishing how I spent my time. I was then able to identifying I spent about 20% of my time on non-essential tasks or work.
I identified my daily work patterns which consisted of identifying how much time I spent on routine work, addressing emails, prioritising my work load from that day and the previous day.
The task itself was time consuming but I was shocked to discover how much time I spent on non-essential tasks. It did however help me identify my own strengths and weaknesses.
Strengths – Organisation / prioritising my work load, positive attitude within the team, communications internal / external, ensuring my team were up to date on new policies or changes within the business, and anything else which may impact on their daily tasks.
Weaknesses – Distracted easily, chatting and non essential emails which equated to 20% of my time spent on non-essential tasks. However on a positive aspect, this has identified where I can be more pro-active

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