The Real Tragedy of Abortion Essay

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Abortion is a very popular trend around the world, it has been going on since the beginning of time. Many people would agree that abortion is very bad and unethical. Nearly 700,000 babies have been killed in the United States since 1973, with the right lies and planning all of those babies could have been saved. Abortion is a negative of society as shown by the torturing of a life, self harm, and the message it sends to others. There is no denying that abortion exist . Approximately 3,700 unborn babies are aborted daily in the United States ( Abortion Facts). Hospitals all over the country allow women to leave the baby with them if they do not want to keep it. There are many families that can not conceive a child, and wish to have …show more content…
We may not think that others are watching but they actually are. A child learns by listening and picking up the actions of the people around them. If a child hears that it is okay to kill an unborn baby, they will think it is okay to have sex and get pregnant because an abortion can fix that. Bad habits never end and if we continue to tell people that abortion is okay, it will continue to happen. The Abortion laws have been changing for as long as they have been around. It seems that nobody will ever come to a straight agreement on whether abortion should be legal or illegal. It is the question of fetal protection or women’s rights. Former President Bill Clinton says he has "never met anybody that was pro-abortion, and that's not what pro choice means. It just means we don't criminalize mothers and the doctors" (26). Pro life people and those who disagree but rarely speak up should really start to share their words because if they could provide examples and good information, making abortion illegal or specialized would become easier. Abortion has been used since the beginning of civilization. The first crime considered abortion was dated back to the fourteenth century is Assyria. The punishment for the crime was being impaled by a stake and essentially left there to die. Hippocrates frowned upon the procedure because he said it was considered a violation of the doctors right to heal (Abortion).

It is believed that women get

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