The Ratchet-effec: The Feeling of Being Loss or Hopeless Essay

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There are many things and many reasons that cause people to feel vulnerable. The feelings of being lost or hopeless are familiar feelings to everyone, regardless of income, happiness or reputation. In some way or another, everyone is vulnerable and has the need to adapt to a changing circumstance. Climate change has rapidly become a hot topic in recent years as the effects are beginning to be noticed all around the world. The effects are felt world-round by many different groups of people. However, not everyone is susceptible to the same effects, and everyone thus needs to adapt accordingly. I will seek to describe the link between vulnerability and the need to adapt to climate-change induced circumstances. In this essay, I will outline …show more content…
These three dimensions all have different effects to the levels of vulnerability – the overlapping of these three dimensions shows that they are all interdependent and thus contribute to vulnerability (Smit and Wandel, 2006, p.286). To measure vulnerability, exposure, sensitivity and adaptive capacity need to be taken into consideration. Exposure refers to the exposure of the vulnerable system to stresses, perturbations and shocks.
Sensitivity refers to the degree to which the system is likely to be affected negatively, or to experience harm. Lastly, adaptive capacity/resilience refers to the system’s ability to recover from the shocks and/stresses experienced, and then further protect itself by adapting to future shocks and stresses.
Exposure and sensitivity combine to form the potential impact of a stress onto a system. “Exposure and sensitivity are inseparable properties of a system” (Smit and Wandel, 2006, p.286), they rely on the connection between the characteristics of a system and the environmental risks and hazards that surround it. The potential impact plus the adaptive capacity form the overall vulnerability of a system. Climate change poses a threat to many systems and thus causes different levels of vulnerability. Vulnerability is a dynamic concept and cannot necessarily be compared across regions – vulnerability is “region specific and system specific (Smit and Wandel, 2006, p.286). Exposure and

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