The Punic Wars Essay

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Discuss the Punic Wars. What caused the conflicts between Carthage and Rome? What were the consequences for both sides?
There was a series of three Punic Wars between Carthage and Rome with the first occurring between 264 BCE and the last one ending in 146 BCE. The reasoning and motives for the three wars varies. However, no matter what the motives of the wars were, the end result was the defeat and total destruction of the Carthaginian civilization.
Essentially, the conflict arose from the clash of economic interests. The Carthaginians wished to protect commercial basis of power, while the Romans committed themselves to expansion (Marcel Le Glay 2009, 73). Carthage would lose the First Punic War, the result of this loss would cause
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What were their concerns for Rome? What changes did they implement?
Before one can discuss the contributions of the Gracchus brothers, I believe there concerns for Rome need to be pointed out first. There were two brothers Tiberius and Gaius Gracchus, these two brothers came from a prominent background. These two brothers concerns might have had different agendas that they had to deal with, but in the end they seemed to have the well-being of all Roman citizens and the state at heart.
One of the major reforms that Tiberius tried to pass was land reform, Tiberius was elected tribune, he proposed a law that made it illegal for any one individual to own more than a certain amount of land, which made many powerful senators fearful and angry (Marcel Le Glay 2009, 112). Tiberius was killed in 132.
Tiberius’ brother Gaius was elected tribune in 123, and again in 122 (Marcel Le Glay 2009). Gaius like his brother attempted to push many reforms with the well being of the average Roman citizen at heart. These reforms included clothing for soldiers who before normally had to buy this with their own money. Most importantly, he passed a law that had the state buy grain in bulk k sale it to the citizens below market price (Marcel Le Glay 2009, 113). However, like his brother he was killed by his opponents in 121.
One major historical

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