The Protestant Reformation Essay

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There are many types of protestant churches existing today including Baptist, one of the largest denominations in America. This was not always the case before the 16th. To understand how it all began, it is important to go back in history when the Roman Catholic Church was the only church in Western Europe. This paper will look at the history of the protestant reformation movement, its causes, and how it changed the church (Cameron, 2012).
During the 1500s, the Roman Catholic Church was very powerful in western Europe. The church controlled both spiritual and political matters, although there were a number of other political forces at work. Initially, the reformation began as an effort to reform the church by a number of priests who were
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In 1517, he sparked the reformation through posting 95 theses. This was composed of a list of statements that expressed his concerns about a number of practices by the church. Luther was particularly concerned about the practices of the church, and its doctrine.
The sale of indulgences involved a practice where the church acknowledged charitable works, or a donation with apiece of paper, referred to as an indulgence. This certified that one's would get to heaven more quickly since their time would be reduced in purgatory.
Pope Leo x was one of those who granted indulgences for the purposes of raising money so as to rebuild St. Peter's basilica in Rome (Simon, 1966).
However, this was not the only problem Luther had with the church. He did not agree with some of the teachings of the church, such as the teaching that good works would help them gain entrance in to heaven.
With other reformers, he turned to the bible as the only reliable source of instruction contrary to the teachings of the church.
Before the invention of the printing press in the middle of the 15th century, the bible was largely available in Latin. This was chiefly spoken by the clergy, and people had to depend on the church to teach them the word of god.
By looking at the words from the bible, Luther together with other reformers discovered that most of the practices and teachings by the church with regards to salvation did not match the teachings of Christ. One of the practices he

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