The Pros and Cons of Love Essay

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There are many different kinds of love, as well as many different feelings associated with being in love. How we express these feeling, as well as the behavior love evokes when felt towards a person is how to recognize the good and bad sides of love. Love is an emotion that a person feels inside, and one that is so overwhelming sometimes we feel as though we may burst, and this is a good side of love. However, some types of love can hurt. Expressions of love, when displayed in a negative way, then become a bad side of love.

Loving children is a natural kind of love, especially when they are our own. When they are born, we nurture them and love them all through childhood, and even when they are grown and have lives of their own, the
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The joy comes when they apply all the ways in which we have taught them to their own lives and pass these values to their children.

The love we have for our spouse or partner is a love that is also a good kind of love. It is a love shared by two, one that fuels the other and keeps both in tune. Having someone to share all the joys, heartaches and the journey of life with is a kind of love that becomes a natural, never-ending and a comfortable kind of love. It is a love that we depend on, and when the other is not with us, it makes our heart yearn for them, and it feels like something is missing. This is how we know that the feeling is that of love. Nevertheless, when a partner thinks you do not love him enough, and becomes consumed with trying to make you love them, it can instead drive them away. Expecting more out of a relationship than is there or putting demands on love is like asking a person to change and to strum up feelings that they are incapable of showing. People view love in different kinds of ways, and finding the person in which to share love in a way that is compatible for both is one that will be everlasting.

There are also types of love that can evoke the bad side of a person, and bring out the worst in us. For example, when a person loves another so much they become obsessed with them, it can leave the other feeling smothered. Because of these insecurities, not

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