The Pros and Cons of Global Warming Essay

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Global warming, by definition is the “ gradual increase in the overall temperature of the earth's atmosphere generally attributed to the greenhouse effect caused by increased levels of carbon dioxide, chlorofluorocarbons, and other pollutants.”(Webster) In the last several decades, there have been numerous debates regarding global warming. As of now it has become one of the biggest problems facing the world today. Scientists do believe that our production of greenhouse gases and carbon dioxide is having a warming effect on the atmosphere, but it also is creating a positive impact to on the planet. The controversial side is scientific consensus that it is the fault of mankind that our actions have led to the results of earthquakes, tidal …show more content…
It’s believed by Shell that in order “To manage CO2, governments and industry must work together. Government action is needed and we support an international framework that puts a price on CO2, encouraging the use of all CO2-reducing technologies. We believe the best way Shell can help secure a sustainable energy future is by focusing on four main areas: natural gas, biofuels, carbon capture and storage, and energy efficiency.” (Raizen) This has caused increasing the production of low-carbon fuels which they have incorporated “ethanol from sugarcanes fields in Brazil.” (Raizen) It is one of the “ world’s largest distributors of liquefied natural gas” (Raizen), thus being one of the cleanest burning and most affordable fossil fuel; natural gas accounted for almost half of the energy resources produced by Shell in the year of 2012. With the increase of 2011 of greenhouse gases, this was 74 million tonnes caused by CO2. After the decline of 72 million tonnes were measured in 2012. Scientist emerged from the 2009 International Conference on Climate Change in New York, over 40 countries attended on lectures about climatology, and climate-change impacts. Studies have also shown that the ozone layer has shrunk from 2002 to 2012 from reducing CO2. Not only would humanity try to make a positive change, but nature always finds a way, and can lead to new era of evolution along with adaptation. There have been incredible discoveries of positive global warming, but have been over

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