The Pros and Cons of Colonialism Essay examples

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A few of the advantages of colonialism are the expansion of land for the country claiming it, as well as the expansion of that countries rule and religion. Some disadvantages to colonialism can be the need for law enforcement in the new colony, the unrest of the colonies inhabitants due to taxation, laws passed pertaining to them that seem or are unfair, etc. The United States is a good example of the advantages and disadvantages of colonialism.

Some time ago I got to think about the effects of colonialism. Is it good or bad? I suppose in essence, for the people being colonised, it cannot be a good thing. The idea of colonialism is to take resources from one country to use for the benefit of the colonising country. Some may argue they
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One thing for sure, all colonised countries go through a period of downward spiral after liberation. But if we look at the world today, some interesting scenarios emerged. While some countries took what they learnt from their coloniser, i.e. technological advancement, and used it to its own advantage, some even manage to surpass its past oppressor. On the other hand, there are countries which struggled or is still struggling, in civil wars, in economic upheavals, and various other problems. What is often used as scape goat for these countries' current reality is... Colonialism. If the white men did not come to our country and ruin everything... If the white men did not take away our natural resources... If the white men...

Surely, we've all heard of such hypotheses. But my question is: What sets the successful previous colonies apart from the rest? Why are they not complaining about the white men? And what was done differently that make them successful today? Some examples: India, colonised by the British, was ruled by a "young" country compared to its rich & long history. But according to one Indian historian (his view may not be true for all, but), who said it was because of the British, we now have a united India. And today, India has one of the world's fastest growing economy, the IT hub of the world, and one of the BRICs countries which is on its way to become one of the future superpowers.

Another example, Taiwan, used to be one of the Four

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