The Problem of Technical Improvement Of Education Essay

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The Problem of Technical Improvement Of Education

ABSTRACT: What follows considers the problem of technical improvement as one of the main problems in the philosophy of education. I consider technology in connection with transferring from substantial comprehension to comprehension of the process itself. The creation of educational technologies is the expansion of educational freedom, from freedom inside action to freedom inside reflection. The connection between education and technology ensures creating and modifying a particular, non-formal, and humane pedagogy. Profound comprehension of different tendencies and processes in contemporary education is one of the main problems of the recently appeared and developing philosophy of
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Yet, education does not only exist independently as an essence, it is also a social institution which is subordinate. Owing to its social development it is becoming less and less free. The modern society needs the education to give a certain, guaranteed, easily and constantly reproducing result. As far as we know, the only known in history mechanism which provides reproduction of a certain result is a technology. That is the reason of demands to bring technologies into education. Educational technologies stipulate the creation of a lot of methods providing the effectiveness of studying by a strict definition of aims, content, forms and ways of teaching, as well as internal essence of all educational processes in their intercommunication. Philosophy sees those aspects of educational technologies that don't allow to identify this process with a strict determination and hard limitation of frame given outwardly. Technologies influence greatly the fate of pedagogical freedom, contain the possibility of transformation its image into both, negative and positive forms. The aim of this article is to define the novelty which is being brought by educational technologies into pedagogy in the whole, to determine arising problems that demand philosophi cal understanding. To achieve this aim is necessary

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