Essay on The Problem About "Excessive Work" and Its Setting

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In a period of rapid development of new technologies and fierce competition in almost all business, people give work and their career more and more time. Scientists have found that about 46 % of today's employees want to devote their lives to work and career achievements. One of the outcomes of such phenomenon is workaholism -- a form of behavior expressed in excessive work based on internal or external motivation. In today’s economy, most employees spend more than 50 hours at work and encourage this by establishing a direct relationship between the number of hours spent at work and the efficiency of their activities for the benefit of the company. However, this relationship is not always true. Negative consequences such as exhaustion, …show more content…
However, perfectionist and obsessive compulsive workaholics share similar negative traits and can be harmful for the organization. Achievement oriented type, on the other hand, is highly desired. However, managers are not always able to differentiate those types in employees. Such tendencies can be followed by negative outcomes affecting not only employee personal life and well-being but organization as well. Workaholism can predict increase in amount of sick days requested by employee, non-delegation of work, burnout, low productivity and job stress. To avoid such outcomes the organization should prevent the promotion of workaholism, adjust schedules and make employees aware of negative consequences of workaholism.
Restaurant- bar Fortune is a US high volume restaurant chain that was formed as an equal partnership and have been present on the restaurant market for 15 years. After leading a successful business in San Diego, CA for more than 10 years the owners decided to open three more restaurants located In Los Angeles, CA, Las Vegas, NV and San Francisco, CA. Three years later the company started to franchise the brand in Baltimore, MD.
All of the restaurants, including the franchise follow the same concept and provide guests with quality food and beverages with outstanding service and entertainment as well as catering services. The philosophy of the company state that everyone who walks through their doors is their friend. The mission of the

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