Essay on The “Predator”

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The war in Afghanistan started in October 7, 2001. The U.S. forces, with the support of the United Kingdom and the Afghan United Front, also known as the Northern United Front, launched what we know today as Operation Enduring Freedom. The U.S. would be fighting the first of two wars, the other in Iraq, but we would find that out later. The goal of the invasion was to find Osama bin Laden and other high ranking Al-Qaeda members. Then we were to take out the Taliban regime that was helping them. When the United States military started using the Predator in the War in Afghanistan, it greatly affected the outcome of the war on terrorism. I believe that the war in Afghanistan had to be extremely tough to fight, especially in the beginning, …show more content…
He also talked about how nervous and even scared, he and his squad would be before entering the caves, that you never knew what you would find. The Allied forces had to put themselves in possible danger every time they had to investigate each cave. The chances of a cave being sabotaged by the insurgents, to take out coalition forces, was greatly increased due to the fact that the insurgents knew the soldiers would be clearing the area during their patrol. Another aspect of the war before the introduction of the Predator was the issue of the pilot’s safety. Insurgents who knew the vantage points in the mountainous terrain were able to effectively shoot down or critically disable Allied bombers or helicopters. This would cause death or injury to the pilot or pilots. Once an Allied bomber or helicopter had been shot down, both parties, the insurgents and the Allied forces, would descend to the area were the aircrafts were last spotted. It was a race to see which side would get there first. If the Allied Forces got there first, there was a better chance at getting the pilot and others out safely. If the insurgents got there first, a fire fight would usually ensue. Also, by using stinger missiles and other anti-aircraft weapons, the insurgents made it very difficult for many Allied pilots to provide aerial support for ground troops during ambushes or coordinated attacks. I joined the Navy in 2005. Up until that point, all I knew about the

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