Essay on The Power of The Government to Tax Its People

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The constraints placed upon government by the framers of our Constitution exist only on the faded parchment that lies in the National Archives in Washington, D.C.; a document that launched the greatest, most successful experiment in the history of government. Politicians have succeeded – with the cooperation of the American electorate - in unleashing an omnipresent government from the confines of that Constitution to rule every aspect of American life.
We find ourselves enslaved in our own country due in large part to a culture of dependency by elements of society and an equal culture of corruption by our political leaders and their minions, the bureaucrats.
The power of a government to tax its people is at the heart of their power to
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Taxes should always be set to the lowest rate required to maintain constitutionally mandated and allowable services by the government. Politicians have corrupted the original intent of taxes and use tax law to penalize success, reward mediocrity, pick winners and losers, and grow the size of government. They become more and more imaginative, cunning, and deceitful in their hunger for the fuel to run their ego machine.

In 1913, the 16th Amendment to the Constitution made the federal income tax a permanent fixture in the U.S. tax system. The amendment gave Congress legal authority to tax income and resulted in a revenue law that taxed incomes of both individuals and corporations. The withholding tax on wages was introduced in 1943. That was the year the federal government got its greedy hands around the throats, and bureaucrats into the pockets, of every American.
It is today a behemoth with tax laws so large and convoluted that no one (not ever IRS employees) understands them, and just to hire enough experts to try for compliance, costs billions of dollars per year. The entire structure of the IRS with its unlimited power to destroy individuals, families, and businesses gives power to the IRS the framers of the Constitution could never have envisioned.
The hidden costs of taxes are much higher than even those readily

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