The Power of Teachers: The Opportunity to Shape Lives Essay

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I believe a good teacher can stimulate and help improve the minds and lives of countless students by sharing with them the gift of knowledge and believing in them. Many teachers today think that education consists solely of teaching th e textbooks, but that education is the true key to unlocking the mind and helping young people to be positive members of society. Early childhood is an important period of life. Childhood is the time when growth is great and learning rapid. So much of w hat a young child experiences early affects the quality of later years. I agree with many people who say the children are the future of the world. In order to realize this, there is one more necessary element. There must be good teachers with the abili ties …show more content…
Many teachers are just too busy to go over the test materials or too busy to finish their math lessons for the day. Nowadays , many teachers in the classrooms spend too much time preparing students to get good grades on the Standardized tests. Teachers are not there for the Standardized test, but they are there to share valuable knowledge with students. In the competitive soc iety, getting good grades on the exams are important, but I think our students need someone who can understand their needs and hold their hands when they ask for help more than new knowledge or good grades on the exams. My formal teacher in Korea used to say, " I do not care what you got on the test. What's important is what you have learned what will help you in our society." This is my philosophy of education.

According to the educational statistics that we have today, many students from working-class background and minority groups have low achievement in academic. Many educational researchers found out that working-class and minority studen ts often perform poorly in school. Last semester, professor Jim Ferrel, who taught me Educational psychology said one of the reasons that students from working-class and minority groups have low academic achievement is because they get less expectation f rom their teachers in the classrooms. He also mentioned that many African American and Latino students often suffered from low expectations of teachers and others. Low expectation from

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