The Power of a CEO Essay

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Setting the strategic vision of the company is a prime example wherein a CEO can be solely responsible for leading a company to glory or unleashing a catastrophe. An example of successful strategy formation by the CEO alone rests in the case of Intuit’s CEO Scott Cook who was directly responsible for Intuit’s success in 1991 when he unveiled his new company vision and strategy. Cook dreamed that Intuit would become the nucleus of computerized personal finance in the world and infected all his employees with this strategic vision, which led Intuit to be a knockout company success taking it from having 120 employees and one product to a mega company with thousands of employees, a myriad of products and a billion dollar net worth. The sole …show more content…
According to Charam (SOURCE) ‘More than any other way CEO failure results from failing to put the right people in the right jobs (SOURCE) just as CEO success stems from being able to engineer a winning culture and strategy, designed to support an environment which will attract and keep top talent but also create sustainable long-term success. The CEO is a rolemodel whose workers consciously or unconsciously follow him in the minutest details: how he appears, dresses, speaks. Being scrutinized by all in the ranks below him he is able to lead with his example, but can also judged by the same standards he created and accountable to them in a negative manner. This makes him directly responsible for the success or failure of his company once more, because by creating culture through his very behaviour he can either attract or repel high-quality employees and talents and can either inspire people to do their best or worst.

Netflix CEO, Reed Hastings, is just such an example of someone who contributed to the success of a company by forming a company culture strategy that raises the aspirations of his workers with a leadership style that stresses ‘freedom and responsibility’ and draws topnotch workers by giving them trust. By paying high salaries to his staff, allowing them to construct their own compensation packages and enabling his workers to have an unlimited

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