The Positive Writings of Hemingway Essay

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The Positive Writings of Hemingway

I think the statement ‘Marjorie thought the old mill was like a romantic castle, which symbolised their love as being something that could never be destroyed. Nick remained silent as he thought the old mill was like their love in that it would eventually become a ruin’ is true because Marjorie does say that the mill feels like a castle ‘It seems more like a castle’ and I think that she is the romantic one in their relationship because all the way through the story she ‘looks’ up to him and does everything to please him. For example she asks him for instructions – ‘Should I let it drop?’ Therefore, she would symbolise the mill as a castle and their relationship is like it in a way that it
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Worried because he does not want to hurt her feelings because I feel he still cares for her- he must do because from what the author is telling us, they have been in a relationship for over 10 years. Even though they are breaking up, he must still feel something for her because they have spent a lot of time together. I think Nick feels relieved that she is asking ‘What’s the matter Nick?’ because this is his chance to tell her what is on his mind – which is that he doesn’t love her anymore/doesn’t want to be in a relationship any longer. I know this because further on in the story he tells her ‘It isn’t fun anymore?’ This is either to the relationship or about her.

I think when Nick says ‘I don’t know’ I think he is worried, in denial and does not want to reveal much. I think he is worried because he is scared that she may be catching on about how he feels. Although he wants Marjorie to know how he feels so that it is easier for him to break up with her, he does not want her to find out because he is worried how she will react to his news. He does not know whether she will be angry or deeply hurt and is very worried about her reaction because he is unsure himself of what it will be. Nick is in denial at this point because he is discarding what he feels in order to protect
Marjorie or indeed himself. He could be in denial to protect himself because Marjorie may be violent in this situation because the man she loves is breaking her heart

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