The Positive Results of Video Games Essay

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In the 21st century, many great inventions have been born, and one of the greatest advances in modern technology has been the creation of electronic games. Whether we like it or not, those games greatly influence the society as they have become the crucial parts of our daily life. The number of people playing video games has proliferated for the past years, due to availability and accessibility of computers and electronic consoles everywhere. Even though there are negative effects of playing violent computer games constantly, I strongly believe that video games in moderation can bring about positive results in many ways such as entertaining, building social bonds, and developing skills.
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Secondly, playing video games can also build social bonds. Other people say that playing video games isolate students socially as they are stereotyped as sitting alone in front of a television or computer, never bothering to take their eyes off of the screen, completely uninterested in social interaction [Gray 2012]. Nevertheless, for me, many video games can be very sociable, either playing against your friends on the sofa or playing online with other people. At first, I could not make any American friends, and we usually just greet when I meet them. However, thanks to game night at our floor every week, I have a great opportunity to socialize with American floormates as we enjoy talking and making jokes while playing console games. Thus, having the same interests in playing electronic games brings us closer as friends and I am grateful for that. From there, I am more confident hanging out with them at the dining hall and asking questions about American culture. Therefore, I strongly believe that computer games create friendships and have become a socializing tool to build and strengthen strong relationship between friends as we spend time bonding together. Moreover, video games also promote teamwork because most electronic games are now designed with cooperative play options so that players can constructively work

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