The Patriot Act Protects America Essay

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The Patriot Act Protects America

Since September 11, 2001 many people can say that America has changed. Many people question if America has changed for the better or has it just gotten worse. Since the day those four planes crashed around the United States people’s lives have been changed. Many may not realize how their lives have changed, but with new laws passed life is different within America. The United States Patriot Act is one of the laws passed after 9/11: singed into order on October 26, 2001 just 45 days after the attack. The United States Patriot Act was put in place in order to protect Americans, yet has been affecting American’s civil liberties and caused controversy all over the United States.

The U.S. Patriot Act
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Michael Moore, one of the people against the Act, has shown how the U.S. Patriot Act has failed at catching terrorist. Moore told in his video, Fahrenheit 9/11, how the FBI suspected a retired man of terrorism because he was talking negatively about Bush in the gym. A peace group was also apart of an investigation with the FBI because there was an assumption that terrorism could be involved (Moore). Each of these searches turned out to be nothing but an inconvenience for the victims. Bush said his goal for the United States Patriot Act was to keep the country safe and help intelligence agencies communicate more efficiently. On the other hand Bush has looked into possibly making changes and updating the act (Keen). People have spoken out about how they feel their civil liberties are being taken away. A Michigan State study that was sponsored by the college of Social Science in March of 2004 stated that 52% of Michigan residents are more concerned about their civil liberties being affected. Where as the survey only concludes 46% feel protection takes priority over civil liberties (Townshend). The U.S. Patriot Act can be seen negatively through some people’s eyes but through others it’s the only hope to make America safe.

It can easily be argued that the United States Patriot Act is necessary for war on terrorism. The act has increased funding for the Federal Bureau of Investigation and counter terrorism funds. Expansion of

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