The Omnivore’s Dilemma by Michael Pollan Essay

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The Fresh Model of America In the Omnivore’s Dilemma, Michael Pollan talks about 4 different models that we consume, purchase, and add it to our daily lives. Michael Pollan travels to different locations around the United States, where he mentions his models which are fast food, industrial organic, beyond organic, and hunting. I believe that the 3 important models that we need to feed the population are fast food, industrial organic, and beyond organic. Fast food is one of the most important models in this society because people nowadays, eat fast food everyday and it is hurting us in the long run. We need to stick to beyond organic or industrial organic food because it is good for our well being. Ever since the government and …show more content…
Cows that are fed with corn usually take about 14 months to reach slaughter weight, while cows that are fed with grass takes about 4 years to reach that weight. Some benefits about fast food is the price of it. Fast food is cheap and a lot of people in the United States of America consume it everyday. Fast food is cheap because it is made with corn. Corn is easy to grow that it is on almost every product. If it is not in fast food, it is in supermarkets. Corporations like McDonalds make almost everything with corn. Scientists of those corporations usually combine the corn and other chemicals to make corn syrup. Americans consume fast food almost everyday and during the long run it will hurt them with different diseases. Pollan says that “three of every five Americans are overweight: one of every five is obese” (102). Added hormones, pesticides, and GMO’s are the cause of this whole situation of diseases. Some of the diseases are diabetes, heart related diseases, and different cancers. Organic food has many benefits for consumers everywhere in America; but how reliable is it? Industrial organic food has to do with big organic corporations like Whole Foods, Cascadian Farms who are linked with the General Mills corporation, and Earthbound Farms. Each of these corporations follow the monoculture style of growing, which is grow 1 plant in the same area for a number of years. The reason why they plant and grow like this is because they do not want to

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