The Olympic Games in Movies: Match by Director Andrey Malyukov

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For centuries sport has brought out the best qualities of human character – kindness, open-heartedness, resilience, camaraderie, and team spirit. Sport helped overcome hardships and lift up spirits. Numerous books and movies have been created that depict and emphasize the role of sport in the society. Many of them tell amazing stories of the lives and achievements of individual athletes and teams who inspire both their contemporaries and future generations. Over centuries, sport united people and nations, fostered mutual understanding and promoted conflict resolution. Indeed, in early the history, wars stopped when Olympic Games began, and sporting competitions united yesterday’s enemies and rivals. Nowadays, athletes are viewed as …show more content…
The key focus is placed on positive and humanitarian aspects of sports, especially at the times of great hardship, but some negative aspects of politicising sports are also touched upon.

Road to Valoris, an inspiring against-the-odds story of Gino Bartali, an Italian cyclist who won the Tour de France twice–in 1938 and ten years later in 1948, and secretly aided the Italian resistance during World War II.“Match” is a touching tribute to the heroic struggle and death of the Ukrainian Dynamo (later called Start by Nazis) Soccer team and their goalie and captain Nikolai Ranevich in the Nazi–occupied Kiev in 1942. Both the book and movie are based on true stories and are epic accounts of excellent sportsmanship, outstanding bravery, and the remarkable perseverance of athletes.
For a true sportsman, it is both imperative and natural to observe the rules of sports in real life. These imply honesty and fair play, co-operation, camaraderie and discipline and subordination, as well as open-heartedness and the ability to accept defeat.True sportsmanship goes beyond stadiums and arenas; it is reflected in anything and everything done on and off the field of competition and in many aspects of life.
Both Gino Bartali, Nikolai Ranevich and the Start soccer team exhibited true sportsmanship throughout their lives. For Gino, it started from his early childhood when he strived to ride his bike as far and

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