The Oldwest Café Essay

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While traveling the Texas highways there are several things that a person must stop for on the road to their destination, food, lodging, and gas; however, this does not mean that such stops should be treated with impatience, but rather should be viewed as a part of the whole travel experience. When traversing the state, if you, weary traveler, happen to be passing through Denton, Texas, we highly recommend making a pit stop at the Oldwest Café located at 1020 Dallas Drive, a relatively main thoroughfare for the city. Food serves to provide the necessary fuel for a body, just as gas provides the necessary fuel for a car, and it is always good travel safety to stop every so often and get out and stretch. If such aspects of travel …show more content…
The place is typically filled with a combination of locals who are well aware of the high quality of the food offered and travelers who happen to have had the place recommended to them, or stumbled upon it by happenstance. The only complaint that travelers have is that there is no Wi-Fi, but remember, you are taking the time out of your trip to enjoy a meal, not work or update your various social media platforms. The waitresses are friendly and are all top notch. They’ll recommend a good hearty meal to you if you like, and like as not will joke around with you during your stay. They remember their regulars and they’re all good at their jobs. Those that have been to this restaurant before will tell you that everything’s good, but be careful how much you order, a single pancake will take up an entire plate, so be prepared for large portions! If you’re looking to stop for dinner though, you’re out of luck; they’re open for breakfast and lunch only, but expect to get a meal fit for a king during either of those times! Tabasco, ketchup, mustard, and seasonings are waiting for you on your table to give your meal the additional flavors and spices you desire, and if you’re not sure how much comes with each plate, just ask! The staff will be happy to help you in figuring out

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