The Objectification of Humans Essay

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Imagine this: what if every woman depicted through the media was to swap scenarios with men. Instead of a scantily clad female gyrating in every background music video, there was a male in her place, doing as she was. The ratings on that video would undoubtedly hit the floor, with comments like, “tasteless,” and “inappropriate”. If we saw this happen in, for example, countless car and alcohol advertisements that use shots of women’s breasts, midriffs, and butt to promote their product, and turn use similar shots of men, some of us might start feeling a little awkward. Why have people become so accustomed to the way media portrays women, that by putting a man in her place and treating him the same way makes one feel uncomfortable? Not only …show more content…
What Zimmerman’s paper mentions as even more terrifying is the fact that women are becoming less and less offended by these portrayals, compared to the 1991 study of women reactions to such ads (Zimmerman, 72). This proves my point that women are becoming less and less offended by the way our gender is exploited so heavily on a daily basis. One could assume that because people are becoming immune to this sort of exploitation, so advertising industries are constantly pushing the envelope by having to find more scandalous things to grab the viewers’ attention in attempt to promote their product. Therefore, one could assume that commercials that use females as an object will only become more and more raunchy and sexy. Sex sells, and unfortunately the kids are receiving this message earlier and earlier. One only has to look at the pregnancy rates and rise of sexual involvement in adolescents.
For instance, “The pregnancy rate for adolescent girls between the ages of 15 and 17 is higher in the United Sates than in any other industrialized nation (Gruber and Grube, 2000).” One may ask themselves, “What is America doing different?” Well, similar trends exist through Europe, but nowhere near the numbers in the U.S. The fact of the matter is that the adolescents and children have been easily picking up these subliminal messages the media

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