The ObamaCare (PPACA) Essay

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This research argument is on the Healthcare bill or ObamaCare. The official name for “ObamaCare” is the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act or PPACA. ( Is ObamaCare really as marvelous or spectacular as President Obama has made it out to be? It is not because many democrats have been wanting to pass this bill for years, in fact for decades, and Obama is finally the one who has gotten it through. Now, that the Healthcare bill has been passed it is not going to be good for what comes out of this legislation. ObamaCare has changed the U.S. economically and in fairness, the insurance business, and how it affects future Americans in the United States. The Healthcare bill is affecting the U.S. economical fairness …show more content…
Like the five states that are not expected to see Healthcare prices increase are Florida, Kansas, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, and Texas (Nather, David). They also studied Louisiana and New Mexico, but since most people are covered in these two states RAND could see that their prices would go down. They also saw that with states like Ohio, who did not have a lot of people that had health insurance the cost will rise on their in. As one can see the cost will differ among the state you live in which is not fair to anyone who lives within that state. Now, to explain how the insurance business is going to change because of the PPACA. As of right now when you are signing up for insurance because the application process is very different and it is because of the “new,” and “improved,” healthcare regulations. At first when one went to sign up they would reflect on one’s medical history, age, and other pre-existing medical issues one may have. After health care reform though one’s coverage can not increase their health premiums or deny you of coverage even with your current medical history, but one will ask how insurance companies may set rates? Insurance agents will set rates by one’s age, where one lives, and if you are or are not a smoker.(Bell, Claes) It is true that ObamaCare is

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