The North American Free Trade Agreement Essay

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The North American Free Trade Agreement was created with the intentions of making North America as a whole a more competitive player in the global marketplace. Canada, America, and Mexico all share the same hope that NAFTA will be a strong outlet in supporting economic activity and promoting social cohesion between one another. Has NAFTA done this thus far? Most American’s, specifically economic patriots, would probably say that it has not because in their eyes free trade has taken away American jobs and has put America in a financial downturn. However, have Americans lost themselves in the economic side of NAFTA and forgotten about the social unity that was one of the original intensions of the agreement? By studying the effects of NAFTA, …show more content…
Other sources such as the Stratfor Global Intelligence provide a more optimistic look on NAFTA due to the observation of the three contributing countries as a whole. The unity and collaboration of the nations has made them a strong power within the global context. This particular source is important because it provides grounds for NAFTA leading to a stronger community without borders. These sources are all secondary, which most my sources will be, because they are all analyzing other sources for their grounds. One particularly important source that will be used in connection with these secondary sources is a primary source that depicts the feelings of one individual, Ruben Navarrette, whose ethnicity is Mexican-American. This source is highly intriguing, since the author gives his own testimony on the lack of identity that he feels due to disconnect and rivalry between Mexicans and Americans. Another highly important source that will be used is Carlos González Gutiérrerz article on Mexico’s Relations with its Diaspora. Carlos addresses the question of whether or not identities will be lost with immigrant generations due to a lack of feeling like a part of a circuit. This article is important because it alludes to this sense of home that flows between borders.
Through the research that I collect, I will add a new perspective to the economic patriots and a sense of urgency to establish a broader community throughout North America by building

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