The Need to Eliminate the Abusive Treatment of Muslim Women Essay

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The Need to Eliminate the Abusive Treatment of Muslim Women

Thirty thousand men and boys poured into the dilapidated Olympic sports stadium in Kabul, capital of Afghanistan. Street hawkers peddle nuts, biscuits and tea to the waiting crowd. The scheduled entertainment? They were there to see a young woman, Sohaila, receive 100 lashes, and to watch two thieves have their hands chopped off. Sohaila had been arrested while walking with a man who was no relation to her, a sufficient crime for her to be found guilty of adultery. Since she was single, it was punishable by flogging or a series of lashes; had she been married, she would have been publicly stoned to death (Goodwin).

Goodwin also stated that as Sohaila, completely covered
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When covered, a woman looks more modest and less tempting to men other than her husband according to the Taliban. Also, these garments that are required are very expensive. It would take a woman almost five months of salary to buy one. Women are then forced to share between a neighborhood only one or two burqas. This makes it harder to feed their families and take care of the home when they can't go into public until their turn for the burqa rolls around. It could be a couple of weeks before they get a turn. Women's lives are at risk because the Taliban believes that "there are only two places for a women, in her husband's house or in a graveyard" (Goodwin). To them women are a pleasurable past time like a pet would be to Americans.

Women in Afghanistan should be able to work for decent pay just as men do. "Before the Taliban took over, women in rural areas worked along side their husbands in the fields.... During the long years of fighting, as men were killed, turned up missing, or became disabled, the survival of many families came to depend on women's income" (Goodwin). Now women are not allowed to work in most cases. Families do not have enough money to feed family members nutritiously. The Taliban insists that a woman be confined at home.

The Taliban insist their place is in the home, where their husband and no one else can admire them. If employed

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