Essay on The Nazi Regime

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The Nazi Regime

Adolf Hitler became the Chancellor of Germany on January 30, 1933, and during this time, he implemented a series of measures designed to eliminate Jews from German life with the help of the desperation of a German people who blamed the Jews for every evil of the Weimar era: capitalism, communism, internal conflict, and the Treaty of Versailles. The Jews were supposedly the root cause of Germany's problems, both as greedy internal infiltrators who did not belong to the blood and soil of Germany, and as an international conspiracy limiting Germany's influence on world politics. Under the Nazi regime, Hitler made life uncomfortable for Jews in Germany and Austria and removed them from most positions of power and
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The police under Nazi control did not move. Hence, 150,000 Jews left Germany and Austria after the Kristallnacht. However, it was difficult for Jews to get visas to other countries, most of which adopted restrictive immigration policies.

3) The Economy From 1933 to 1939, concerted efforts were made by Nazi Party, agencies of the government, banks, and business enterprises to eliminate Jews from economic life. Jewish firms were either liquidated or Germans purchased them for much less than their full value. The proceeds of any sales as well as Jewish savings were subjected to special property taxes. The Jewish employees of liquidated or Aryanized firms lost their jobs. When the war broke out, the existing regulations were extended in every possible direction and tightened up. The Final Solution was set in motion.

These anti-Semitic policies could have never been implemented if not for the desperation of the German people. Anti-Semitism intensified toward the end of the First World War. The traumatic defeat in 1918, the economic plight of the middle class during the First World War and the hyper-inflation of 1923, and the confusion of values perceived by many Germans during the Weimar years fostered an irrational and aggressive outlook that often blamed the Jews. Jews were held responsible for the increasing concentration of retail industries, that put small workshops and traders out of business,

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