The Nature of Good and Evil in Stevenson's The Strange case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde

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The Nature of Good and Evil in Stevenson's The Strange case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde


Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde is the story of a gifted doctor who discovers a drug which can release the evil side of one's nature. This drug changes Dr Jekyll into Mr Hyde. Stevenson does not reveal the details of Jekyll's story until the end of the novel, but presents the tale as mystery, in which the main characters try to figure out the identity of Mr Hyde and understand his strange relationship with Dr Jekyll.

This story follows the gothic genre and below I will explain some gothic features that are used in this story

This story follows 'The Faust Motif'. This is

The use of a monster (Mr
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Section one: The Haunted House

In this story we see Dr Jekyll's house and understand that it is a very expensive and good looking house. Any normal person who would walk past would probably understand that it belongs to a well known and respectable person. It also consists of a laboratory which normal people do not usually have. Though the more you go towards the back entrance of the house the worse it gets.

The front of the house is well decorated and is the place where Dr Jekyll enters his house. Then there is Dr Jekyll's mysterious back door where Mr Hyde lives. The term 'back door' is usually also associated with something mysterious. It also seems as if there is something strange going on there because Mr Hyde leaves the house early in the morning and returns late at night which leaves the reader thinking to what goes on there during the day. Dr Jekyll uses the front door and Mr Hyde uses the back door. Despite the fact that they are both the same person it shows a contradiction of character that one uses the good, easy and normal entrance to where the other uses the mysterious and bad looking side. This shows us the type of character they are.

The use of doors in this book are quite symbolic in the sense that they all represent something important. Like above I explained what the front door and back door symbolise. In Jekyll's house

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