The Nature of God and Miracles Essay

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The Nature of God and Miracles

Christians believe in miracles because of biblical evidence. There are many examples of God’s intervention on behalf of the Jews, which were seen as miraculous. For example, when the Jews were escaping out of Egypt in the old testament (Exodus) God intervened several times; when they were trapped between the red sea and the army of the pharaoh God was seen to part the sea so they could cross; when they were hungry in the desert he sent manner so they could eat; and when Jericho got in the way god destroyed the city when they marched round it for seven days.

The Bible records many miracles occurring over a period of more than 4000 years. But it is easy to get
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He showed how he had power over evil and how he could conquer Satan; this was shown when he healed an epileptic person, who was believed to be possessed by evil spirits.

The fourth teaching was of God giving new life. This was shown when Jesus raised people from the dead. The daughter of Jairus, a synagogue leader, was raised a short time after death. The widow of Nain’son, this was an act of compassion around a woman whose son was being taken to the burial ground. The raising of Lazarus, who had been dead for many days, he was the brother of Mary and Martha and a friend of Jesus’ who lived in Bethany. This was a very detailed eye witness account of a raising. All these showed how death came because of sin, and how Jesus rose them therefore he had the power to be able to forgive the sin.

b) Explain how this teaching on miracles may affect and influence a believer.

Christians believe undeniably that God still performs miracles today. This conviction grows out of a firm belief that the miracles recorded in the Bible were historical events–not myths or folk stories. There is no indication in Scripture that miracles have ceased or will cease in the present world. Because there are confirmed instances of miracles happening today, such as at Lourdes in France, they believe with certainty that God still performs miracles. They believe that Jesus Christ is

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