The Nature of Conflict Essay

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In today’s diverse world, effective conflict management is an extremely important skill to develop. In this essay I will discuss the importance of healthy communication in relationships and the workplace. I will address certain areas of conflict and offer solutions derived from a variety of sources utilizing theoretical, and practical sources, as well as personal experience.
There is a wealth of information available about managing conflict, including how to deal with destructive conflict weather in a marriage, the workplace, or family of origin. Research and personal stories suggest that sometimes there are significant difficulties later in life that include poor health and well-being caused by destructive conflict. So then, how or when
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Destructive beliefs often pervade not only our personal relationships, but also how we deal with most people and situations, weather at home or in the workplace. My personal recovery as well as my work counseling other recovering addicts and co-dependents depends on effective conflict management.
There are multitudes of ways to learn conflict management skills. For example some of the ways I minimize conflict in my life is by attending a twelve step program for couples called Recovering Couples Anonymous. This program suggests a strong commitment, communication and caring for each other. In addition to this group I also attend various workshops, classes and read books that are in harmony with my values, my relationships, and my life. Within the various ways of managing conflict I found some of the basic principles are the same. When one can identify the habitual ways of thinking and speaking to others that hinders communication with them, we on our way to resolving conflict. Then we can develop relationships that are based on mutual respect and compassion for each other.
Building healthy, respectful relationships requires emotional intelligence, and to have the ability to express our needs, working our way from the inside out. When we care about a relationship, we can learn another person’s needs by actively listening to them. During my coursework I took a healthy relationships class, the required reading was Non-Violent Communication,

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