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We have been created with a need for heroes. We yearn for them because we are born with the want and desire to believe in someone, to have faith in someone, to trust in someone, and to look up and strive to be like someone. This “someone” is how Roy Hobbs is portrayed in the movie version of The Natural.
Roy in the movie version is utterly heroic. He struggles, after an almost fatal injury in his youth, to try to become the best that the game of baseball has ever seen. He is quietly confident, without an arrogance to him. Iris is his former teenage-love who reappears after Roy makes it into the majors and stands up and inspires him when he is in a slump. Their relationship in the movie appears pure and innocent. Iris reminds Roy of
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The movie ends with the hero playing catch with his son, from Iris, in golden cornfields.
The Roy Hobbs from the book is a much darker and complex character. Everything Roy does is just to please himself. He is constantly wanting more and more. He wants to be the best ever to play the game, he wants to break every record in baseball, he wants Memo, and he wants more money to play the game he supposedly “loves”. He treats the Iris in the book, who is a middle-aged woman who he sleeps with on their first date, more as an object than a person. He wants and obsesses for Memo because of her beauty and just the adventure of getting and conquering her. He takes the money to throw his final game. But when it comes down to it, he decides he really does want to win but fails and strikes out. And to top it all off, he is exposed to the world as being a sell-out.
The Natural the book is a melancholy, emotionally realistic story of a man who lost his youth who wonders what could have been if his life had taken a different path or direction. The Natural the movie is a sentimental, uplifting, fantasy story. It is a battle of good and evil. It is the hero defeating the villain. These two stories are almost completely opposite except with the same characters and baseball are involved. It makes a reader/viewer wonder why the movie even has the same name as the book because its lead character has such a different value system. I

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