Essay about The Natchez Indians

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The Natchez were well-known for their strong central government and their highly evolved religious ceremonies. Moreover, the language of the Natchez does not seem to have any relation to that of any other tribe in the area. The tribe is said to have used the name, “Thelöel,” when referring to themselves, and it is believed that the French may have assigned the name “Natchez” to the tribe because one of the villages bore the name. Likewise, the French named the surrounding area Natchez, as well.
Religious Practices The Natchez were sun-worshippers. Moreover, their chief was believed to be the direct descendent of the sun and was named the Great Sun. The chief had absolute power within the tribe although he conferred
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This class could be obtained by a member of any lower class who exhibited greatness in war or piety. The lowest class has been named the Stinkards by historians and refers to commoners in the tribe. In 1699, the Natchez was one of the most prominent tribes, living in nine villages in Adams County, and with a population of somewhere around 2,500-4,000. Within thirty years, the majority had been slaughtered or enslaved, their villages demolished and those who had survived sought refuge among other tribes. The tribe had been virtually eradicated from the face of the earth.
Relations with the French The first contact between the French and the Natchez occurred when the French explorer LaSalle explored and sailed the Mississippi River. After spending a peaceful night with the tribe, during which they smoked the peace pipe and exchanged gifts, he departed on friendly terms. However, the encounter twelve years later with D’Iberville would not be as diplomatic. The first permanent French settlement along the Gulf Coast was at Biloxi under the direction of D’Iberville, who had previously visited the Natchez, briefly without incident. Subsequently, in 1713, the French brothers La Loire established a trading post in what is now the modern city of Natchez. However, there were already English settlers in the area, who were attempting to form a conglomeration of the Natchez, Yahoo and Chickasaw tribes to begin raiding

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