The NASW Position Statement on Gays and Lesbians and the Students Perspective

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There are many issues that interfere with the health and happiness of those within the Gay and Lesbian community. The National Association Position Statement on Gays and Lesbians is as attempt to abolish such issues within the social work practice. One place that individuals of any sexual orientation practice should feel safe is with those who have chosen the field of social work as a means to helping the oppressed. Social workers must be aware of their own personal beliefs and values when it comes to the fear of and the misrepresentation of working with this divers group. The consequences of not dealing with such issues and may have a latent manifest in dealing with the Gay and Lesbian population, and if not addressed prior to working in …show more content…
This population continues to be vulnerable to oppression because it is not afforded the same rights as heterosexuals and they are perceived as unscrupulous people. Sometimes people who suffer with homophobias do not truly understand the feelings of homosexuals and tend to keep them out, or deem them as castaways because being gay or lesbian is thought to be immoral. People also do not accept gays and lesbians not because they themselves aren't really against homosexuals, but because many are against homosexuals and they want to be seen as normal believers as well. My professional view of the understanding of the Position Statement by the NASW is that when working with the Gay and Lesbian population, it is fear and misunderstandings about homosexuality that causes wide spread unfairness to those who consider themselves as gay, lesbian, transgender, or bisexual. This culture continues to face intimidating challenges to the development and maintain a positive self-image, and the National Association of social workers has taking a stance on all forms discrimination. This means that regardless of race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, and religion no one will be discriminated against in this profession. Furthermore, as social workers we must address our personal beliefs and stand up for equal rights of everyone. The NASW Code of

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