The Moving Load Problem in Structural Dynamics Essay

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The moving load problem is a fundamental problem in structural dynamics. Engineers have been investing the potential hazard produced by the moving masses on structures for many several years. The dynamic response of structures carrying moving masses is a problem of widespread practical significance. A lot of hard work has been accounted during the last ten decades relating with the dynamic response of railway bridges and later on highway bridges under the effect of moving loads. Beam type structures are widely used in many branches of civil, mechanical and aerospace engineering. The importance of moving mass is found in several applications in the field of transportation. Railway and highway bridges, suspension
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Increase in traffic intensity and speed requires more multifarious study of structures than it was case before.
The simplest case of a moving load investigation is the case of a simple beam over which a concentrated load is moving, that is represented with a Fourth order partial differential equation
This problem has significant effect in civil and mechanical engineering. The dynamic analysis of the vibrating beam is done by neglecting the disconnection of the moving mass from the beam during the motion and result is given by considering mass moving at constant speed and in one direction. Once the load departs from the beam, it begins to vibrate at in free vibration mode. Hence this process no longer comes within the scope of the experiment.

The dynamic analysis of beam structure with moving load is a fundamental problem in structural dynamics. In comparison to other dynamic load, the moving load varies in position as well as time and that’s why the moving load problem is a special topic in structural dynamics. Since nineteenth century the moving load problem has become more dynamic in nature due to increased vehicle speed and structural flexibility. The problem of dynamic response of Bernoulli-
Euler beam subjected to a moving mass has been studied by many authors and the importance of this problem is demonstrated in several ways by many authors. The response of beams under the action of moving

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