Essay about The Motorcycle Diaries a Film by Walter Salles

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The Motorcycle Diaries, a film by Walter Salles, tells the story of how Ernesto Guevara, who would later be known as ‘Che’, went on a trip with his friend Alberto Granado that spanned the continent of South America and caused Ernesto to realize what was happening outside of his well-off life. It shows the change he went through as he discovered the injustice American capitalism was causing in other countries and why he became ‘Che’. The trip starts out for fun, but by the end it is life-changing.
THE EARLY STAGES 1. In the beginning of the film, Alberto and Ernesto are introduced and we are told a couple things about each man. Alberto is introduced first, and is called the pilot by Ernesto since he owns ‘The Mighty One’, an old 1939
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It is a healthy mother-son relationship. Ernesto seems to really care for her, and loves the rest of his family just as much. This relationship shows that he can be loving and caring. He cares very much about those he loves and wants to make them happy. His character doesn’t indicate that he will become a rebel that fights for people’s freedom and disobeys authority. 3. Chichina’s family is portrayed as rich and wealthy and sort of stuck up. Fancily dressed, fancily dancing, they are, in a way, the typical rich family you’d see on TV. Ernesto and Alberto have to sleep outside in front of their huge house, and this shows that Chichina’s family can be selfish and not welcoming to those they’d see as lower than them. The stay at Chichina’s house is presented in detail in the film because it basically shows how good Ernesto thought things were before the trip. He hasn’t seen what capitalism has done to those outside his country. It provides the juxtaposition for the rest of the film, of how the land untouched by American capitalism is inhabited by wealthy people and people with good lives, while in the surrounding countries there is extreme poverty and people who were pushed off their land. When you see how the lepers live you might think of how well-off Chichina’s family is and how they don’t seem to realize how good they

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