The Media Dumbs Us Down Essay

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The rise of media in our society has many effects on the consumers of the media. Many people propose the question: is this media making us dumber? Today there are a lot more forms of media available to people today. Through the media outlets of television and news, internet and user-generated content, and social media, people have many options as to where they receive their media. As a whole, the mass media dumbs down society, through their attempt to keep up with the changing of times and reach large masses of people. It is up to the consumer of the media what type they want to partake in. How do media compete in such an environment? The only way to compete is to go with it. To become it, and to help it. New forms of mass media is …show more content…
The networks simplify the news to make it more understandable to a larger number of people. This is problematic because the news plays a role in setting the national and personal agendas of people. Without large masses of people watching television, prime time networks could not survive on the air.

It is undeniable evening news programs pursue a more populist and tabloid driven agenda than they before have, it is because there is a larger percentage of people have an interest in its coverage of celebrities and athletes. Schachtman quoted “ survey after survey documents that 60-70 percent of Americans obtain their news from the ABC, CBS, NBC television and radio networks, and not from newspapers or magazines.” (1995) This backs up the statement that television is a huge part of the media. The key point is that news programs design programs to engage an audience that does not want the in-depth coverage. The media target the prime audiences and constantly assess who is watching the shows. To make subjects more appealing it is essentially dumbed down to make things more interesting. News coverage that fails to make news exciting and relevant is counterproductive, because it is a failure to engage people. Given the wide educational spread of their media consumers, a failure to adapt at least some tabloid coverage will fail to engage many of their viewers.

Because of the drive to reach large audiences

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