The Meaning of the American Flag Essay

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Flag Essay

The Flag Essay—What It Represents

The flag of the United States is very important to the citizens of the United States and their afflicted nations. The patchwork of stars and stripes gave relief to many, hope to even more, and a sense of impending doom to it’s enemies. Through history, the flag went through many tests, in which the flag that represented the Unites States proved victorious. It represented freedom and the land of opportunity. In other words, the US flag became an international symbol of freedom and opportunity. As observed in the crossing of the Delaware, the early flag is in a way leading and rallying the men on their attack across the river. Although the era of the flag in the
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As the British Thomas Carlyle once said, ‘Americans are cutting each other’s throats because one half prefers hiring servants for life and the other by the hour.’ He was proven wrong. Although the South was all but destroyed, the secessionist states were readmitted to the Union, as Lincoln once said, ‘…malice towards none, and charity for all…’ Right after the Civil War, the test of whether the North and South would reconcile emerged. Then when the question of civil rights came up, the Flag of the United States replied by giving everyone rights and eliminating segregation, although it took a long time, better late than never, right? In World War 2, Hitler boasted and thought that his young men would outfight the Americans. He was certain that the spoiled sons of democracy were unable to compete against the solid sons of dictatorship. The tests that came to challenge the country and flag were: ‘Can America make a citizen army from scratch?’ ‘Can the army defeat the Wehrmacht?’ ‘Is America able to provide good enough leaders for an eight-million man army?’ Hitler had thought not, and so in the fall of 1945 he is dead because of underestimating the Anglo-Americans and the Russians. Afterwards, America and the USSR emerged from the war as superpowers. Only America came out relatively unscathed. The final big test that came was: ‘Can the Flag and the US step up to the Soviet Juggernaut and stop worldwide communism?’

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