The Meaning Of Life Through The Eyes Of Ivan Denisovich Essays

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What is the meaning of life? This is one of the most frequently asked questions by all of humanity since the beginning of time. It is a question naturally asked by people because they have the ability to make choices about life. The question would appear to be difficult to answer and different for every individual depending on their circumstances. It is the ultimate search for truth and purpose in life, although the meaning of life is believed to be an idea that expresses their true purpose within life. These expressions can be defined within a given proximity in accordance with their current lifestyles. Ivan Denisovich¡¯s lifestyle differs from all aspects of a normal life, for his was depicted within a Siberian work camp in the Soviet …show more content…
With his deal with one of the Estonians ¡°They always shared and share alike and wouldn¡¯t use a single shred of tobacco without the other knowing. They said something to each other under breath and Eino got out his pouch stitched with pink cord. He took some tobacco and put it in Shukov¡¯s hand. Then he had another look and threw in a few more strands just enough to make a cigarette but no more.¡± Shukov demonstrated his integrity by attaining trust among the prisoners, a trust gained only from his previous engagements of sincere and honest deeds. Ivan¡¯s moral values strived close to that of a nobleman maintaining his dignity without stooping to the lower levels of poor desperate men. Although he was an honest and moral man, not all aspects of his purpose in life focuses on his moral but mainly on his optimistic attitude in excruciating situations.
Ivan¡¯s optimistic attitude motivated the others around him to perform the given tasks with a can do attitude. To a man, ones aspect of life can aspire a man to perform a great deed with a positive attitude, which Ivan had accomplished within the power plant. The 104th gang was stationed at the power plant to finish the construction of the half built structure, in which all members of the gang were assigned a specific task. Ivan was assigned the task to build up the wall along with the Captain and Alyosha. Shukov turn this mindless

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