The Matrix vs The Minority Report Essay

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The films I have chosen to focus on that could be well developed into the classes themes of Utopia vs. Dystopia societies and views are “The Matrix” (1999) and “Minority Report” (2002). As The Matrix focuses upon being an example of a dystopia society due to the variety of characteristics that it displays throughout the movie in the fact of demonstrating a totalitarian controlled system manipulated by computers controlling every minute of detail in what humans experience, then bettering the human’s lives while also preserving their own, as Minority Report, represents a unique utopia society through the actions of an all seeing government system that combines visual and cultural aspects, in being able to see all pre-crime actions before …show more content…
Those humans are now oppressed and controlled in what is seen as the dream world called “The Matrix” controlled by machinery/robots, hence the title name. The movie displays a scene where all humans are imprisoned in these large fields pods that feed power to the machines. This dream world is then fed straight to the human’s minds; convincing them they are living in a “real” world, taking it all for granted, unknowingly. Now this then brings to the viewer to question their current lives, in creating a possibility of an artificial existence, questioning their own current surroundings; Neo. Because of the current humans being isolated by advance machines, the machines then can control, what the humans see, hear, taste, their thoughts and all basic sources of information they is received; all aspects of a dystopian society. We did talk of in class about futuristic society earlier in the term of dystopian and utopian societies, but this movie shows a new side of dystopia in the sense of not showing of machinery has created a better or un-ruled society for humans but showing the creation of a new world that machines have controlled over humans, beyond human beings knowledge.
With society being controlled by machinery not only in the Matrix but also having control in the real world too; unknown by most humans as a post-apocalyptic world where machines have taken over from a future war, from the loss of humanity. Specifically from a scene in the

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