The Many Ways that Educational Technology Can Help Students Essay

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The Many Ways that Educational Technology Can Help Students


There are many ways that educational technology can help students develop literacy.
First, reading programs, such as the Reading Computer-Assisted Tutoring Program can provide students with effective reading remediation, even when the schools cannot.
Students can work with paraprofessional tutors and the Reading CAT, in order to receive necessary specialized instruction, which schools could not otherwise afford to provide.
Second, educational technology is a powerful tool for motivating students to develop literacy. Students are able to actively construct their own learning, which has been proven to make learning more intrinsically motivating. Third,
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Second, there are several ways that motivational aspects of educational technology inspire struggling readers to become involved in literacy. Finally, educational technology can help a wide variety of students to develop literacy, including students with reading disabilities and English as a Second Language Students.

A major reason why educational technology plays such an important role in helping students develop literacy is that it provides students with the necessary individualized tutoring that schools cannot. Due to the fact that most schools cannot afford to provide specially trained certified teachers to tutor each of the students who need individual reading tutoring, most schools use alternative sources of tutors, such as parents, college students or volunteers. These types of paraprofessional tutors most often lack the skills, expertise and knowledge to tutor the students in a way that effectively helps them improve reading achievement. Therefore, quality of tutoring is sacrificed. On the other hand, even certified teachers can run into many obstacles in tutoring students in reading, such as lack of time and tutor fatigue (Abramie, Chambers, McWhaw, & Therrien, 2001).

Therefore, computer-assisted reading programs, such as the Reading Computer-Assisted Tutoring Program, are an optimal solution. The Reading Computer- Assisted Tutoring

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