Essay about The Main Goal of Psychoanalysis by Sigmound Freud

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First developed by Austrian physician Sigmund Freud, psychoanalysis has been expanded and revised by many. The main goal of psychoanalysis is to reduce internal conflicts like rigid ego-defenses or compulsive behavior that lead to emotional suffering. To do this, four techniques are used to uncover the unconscious roots of the brain: dream analysis, free association, analysis of resistance, and transference analysis
In dream analysis, therapists aim to reveal the latent content of dreams. They seek to explore the hidden symbolic meaning by taking the manifest contest or parts of the dream that are remembered and convert it into symbolic meaning. This was based on the idea that people feel unconsciously and dreams and one of the ways to
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In analysis of resistance, some people may not want to talk or reveal private information and thus, the analyst must bring out these unconscious conflicts so that the patient can deal with them
Finally, analysis of transference is the inclination of transferring feelings or emotions from patient to therapist. This often occurs when the patient has an important person in his or her past that the patient desires. For instance, the patient may have lost a mother, gotten through a bad breakup or lost a child. By speaking to the analyst and transferring some of the feelings, the analyst can identify them and help the patient cope with them. Essentially, the analyst is role playing and trying to identify that person in the patient’s life.
Today, psychoanalysis calls for patients to come in a few times during the week over a long period of time where analysts take their time to uncover the unconscious feelings of their patients. However, psychoanalysis takes a huge amount of time, and thus the traditional psychoanalysis has become brief psychodynamic therapy where the unconscious conflicts are revealed through direct questioning. Thus allow physicians to get to the problem quickly and effectively.
Another reason why brief psychodynamic therapy is highly popular is due to the fact that traditional psychoanalysis takes too long and may cause patient to experience a spontaneous remission of a system. Spontaneous

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