Essay about The Lord of the Flies as Social Commentary

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The Lord of the Flies as Social Commentary

The Lord of the Flies is an ultimately pessimistic novel. In the midst of the cold war and communism scares, this disquieting aura acts as a backdrop to the island. The Lord of the Flies addresses questions like how do dictators come to power, do democracies always work, and what is the natural state and fate of humanity and society, getting at the heart of human nature in a very male-dominated, conflict-driven way. The war, the plane shot down, and the boys' concern that the "Reds" will find them before the British, shows Golding's intention of treating the boys' isolated existence as a microcosm of the adult military world.

I am plunged into Golding's imagined island world from
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Piggy desperately wants to be recognized for what he can contribute to the group. Piggy finds the conch shell - he is the symbol of civilization - and Ralph does not recognize its power until Piggy explains it to him. However, Piggy cannot blow the conch because of his asthma. Piggy has the ideas but cannot carry them out. He is the intellectual, the man with powerful ideas who gets no respect. Things begin to happen only after Ralph, the attractive leader, puts Piggy's ideas into action. The conch becomes the symbol of Ralph's leadership, even though Piggy procured it.

This relationship between Piggy and Ralph contrasts with the introduction of Jack Merridew. Compared to Ralph's still attractiveness, Jack is ugly, has flaming red hair, and a black cloak that swirls behind him. Ralph seems to recognize him as both a comrade and a competitor. Despite all the darkness in his introduction, Jack cannot kill the first pig. Society still controls him at this point, allowing him to become friends with Ralph. Still, he inspires a premonition that next time there will be no mercy.

We can see this contrast between Ralph and Jack develop. Jack is the hunter and cannot focus on anything else, least of all the rescue

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