Essay on The Long View of Nonotechnology Development

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Prior to this assignment, there was only vague understanding (on behalf of this writer) of Nanotechnology, and because it sounded technical the interest were limited to non-existence. However, as this research progressed for this job there was more fascination with the topic matter and the information available regarding the subject. Using numerous sources we have been able to provide understanding of many Nanostructures, the economic consideration as well as how they apply to our society today. The psychological and sociological considerations will also be reviewed to determine the benefits offered by this budding technology on our entire country.
For over 15 years, nanotechnology has been an existing disturbing or radical technology,
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Bush introduced the American Competitiveness Initiative (white According to the American Competitiveness Initiative, the United States was committed to over $5 billion in FY 2007 and with increase investments in research and development, strengthen education, and encourage entrepreneurship. Over a 10 years period, according to ( this Initiative agreed to contribute per $50 billion in increased capital for investigation and $86 billion for to investigation and expand tax incentives. Growth in this business has been perilous for keeping this countries economy resilient by creating tools for developing this technology . In 2007, the budget requested $137 billion ( to go to research and development; with this increase of more than 50 percent over. Much of the increased in our nation’s funds go towards biomedical study; the goal is to develop security technologies to allow improved health for people and boosting our national security
One of the challenges to our nation’s security to define a long-term vision for nanotechnology development, it is especially significant because of the constant changes as a fundamentally new scientific and engineering paradigm and because of the broad implications for (The Long View of Nano-Tech) societal well-being ( The definition given of the long-term vision for nanotechnology paved the way for the US National Nanotechnology Initiative (NNI), which was announced by President G. W.

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