The Life of Zhen-Ni, Chaste- Virtuous Essay

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The Life of Zhen-Ni, Chaste- Virtuous

Zhen-Ni, a Chinese name- translated- chaste virtuous. The abused image of a disturbing childhood; a girl growing up contented not through love but by ruthless revenge that lead her to run all her life and roam the streets of China. Twenty five years of age, she was one of China’s ‘MOST WANTED’. Performing her first official assassination at the age of fifteen by brutally murdering Xiong; like the meaning of his name he was powerful but the most repulsive pedophile there was in the city of Fujian Sheng, China.

One silent night, when even the stillness of the air didn’t move a single leaf on the tree, Zhen-Ni and her older sister Tao sat intently doing
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Her head hurt in the rush of blood pounding against her skull, her stomach rolled as the acid elevated from her gut hooked to the pipe and into her mouth, her eyes burned with searing tears trickling down her youthful face. She didn’t dare make a sound. She could hear everything but couldn’t comprehend anything. Her mind pondered millions of thoughts one weaving through the other like the people of China crowding around the fetid smell of a fish market. If she moved would she end up screaming as well? She gained the courage and slowly stood up with her back rigidly tense; making her way out through the back door into the jungle infestation of what seemed colossal trees and minute glow insects with a croaking whistle in the midst of the dark night. Her heart-beat racing and each step trembled to follow the next. She followed her mothers’ screams and her sisters’ moans to the window of the room that Xiong was fulfilling his manly pleasures. To think Zhen-Ni standing in front of the window behind which all the traumas were taking place. She stared at the window, and heard the muffled screams that gradually became louder; more and more unbearable; she neared closer and closer heart beating faster and faster, until her chin leaned gently onto the coarse sill and peeked through an ajar gap in

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