The Life and Work of Nelson Mandela Essay

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The Life and Work of Nelson Mandela “The struggle is my life,” Nelson Mandela once said. And few lives have been as full of struggle as his. Born in South Africa in 1918, Mandela studied to become a lawyer. He then devoted his life to fighting Apartheid, the official policy of racial segregation practiced by the South African government. The Apartheid affected every aspect of life in South America. A Black South African may have had the same exact job as a White South African, but could have made the less in an entire year that …show more content…
However, the charges were dropped after a four-year trial. In 1960, the government began to feel threatened by Mandela and the ANC. The South African police opened fire on men women and children who were protesting the new Pass Laws, which limited the movement of Black South Africans. 69 people were killed, and the ANC was banned, forcing Mandela to continue his work underground. It was decided that the methods of non-violence they had used till this point were not working. They adopted military tactics, which primarily involved targeting and sabotaging the government's resources, still with a strict philosophy of avoiding bloodshed at all costs.

In 1964, however, came the worst blow yet. Captured by the police after more than a year on the run, Mandela was arrested and sentenced to life imprisonment, on the charges of sabotage and high treason.

At first, the response was not as quick or as violent as expected, though his wife, Winnie, was leading the campaign for his release. In 1981, however, a 17,000 signature petition was handed to the South African Embassy in Paris calling for release of Mandela. The following year, a total of 2,000 mayors in 53 countries worldwide had also signed a petition for his release. In 1983, the British Parliament called for Mandela’s release, and the Netherlands government informed the South African

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