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"He's a motorcycle daredevil driver. All his life he's been doing death defying feats. Death has nearly defied him several times. His longest jump was fifty yards, a fifty-yard jump over the fountains of Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas. This jump did not go well. You may have read about it. Or seen some still photos of it. He has some film with him of what happened. He seems to spend his life, or what he has left of it, it sometimes seems to be, seeing what he can do to shorten it. Incredible

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Although one would just see him as a fearless egomaniac, Evel referred to himself as a “businessman” because of his sense of professional tactics in consideration of the fact that he put together shows and built his popularity up on his own. He once portrayed himself perfectly, illustrating, “I am not a guy who is first of all a businessman, I’m not a stuntman. I’m not a daredevil. I’m… I’m an explorer”(Knievel). Knievel not only produced and ran his own stunt shows, but he maintained and kept track of his own finances for shows and income, even though he was never really good with money. Aside from the monetary sectors of the shows, the stunts themselves were something to worry about. Knievel was widely known for his courageous theory of never backing down from a promise. If he went through with one dangerous stunt and ended up with an injury, minor or severe, he would always be at the next show, ready to go. He would always perform the stunts that he promised and always left the stadium or show floor with the cheers of thousands of people, awaiting his next injury, knowing he would do as he said (Montville). Because of these morals, audiences everywhere kept coming back for more, and liked Evel for his hard work and dedication he put forth into his wild career choice.

In his early life, Knievel went through a lot of domestic problems as well as educational problems. When he was just two years old, Knievel’s parents divorced and walked out on him and his
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